What is “Pure Heart”?

Pure Heart is an approach that came from a place of working with others in an effort to help them work through barriers and challenges. My responses and efforts came from the heart and most of time because I realized the situation wasn’t about me but people seemed to appreciate my honest and direct approach.

Let me explain- being in a leadership role requires being committed to working with and for others who are looking to grow in their role or maybe long term within the industry of choice. Tough love comes from the same address as pure heart and when people know you care, the message is still the same- Someone gives a damn. Having a team doesn’t mean you are a leader- its means you are a manager and supervise a group of individuals. Being a leader denotes a level of commitment, engagement, involvement, and accountability for how the path develops or stalls.

For me, pure heart is about meeting people where they are and putting all egos aside for a common goal. Sounds simple enough but it’s challenging when we have to work through all the ego systems, defense mechanisms, and life experiences that have made us jaded at times. It’s about being real and engaged with another individual to such a degree that there is a common understanding, goal, and commitment to create a change that works to benefit that other person.

It’s not about what I think is best for them, it’s about what they want to achieve and their dreams and providing insight and support along the way. My charge and aspiration is that we work together for their goal in order to see them be successful in that achievement. Better yet, they take on their new role in embracing another soul to share the same experience and pay it forward by returning the favor.

Shana Garrett is a Counselor, Educator, and Pure Heart Leader President and CEO. She brings over thirty years of program development, management, and transformation to the diverse world of proprietary education as well as over eight years of experience as a paralegal. More about me »

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