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You got my attention Spirit!

Today is a travel day for me and one of my favorite activities when I travel is to people watch. From their non-verbal expressions, to their focus on getting from one point to the next, and on occasion, the slight hint of a few words of their conversation. The researcher in me is interested in how people move about, and the scientist in me is curious to know why people do what they do. But all in all, each trip brings a bevy of experience and sometimes, the richness of an amazing mindful moment. Today was one of those days.

Sitting at the Pittsburgh airport, I found a quiet corner to curl up and catch up on my new book. While going through the pages, I couldn’t help but notice a small team of women working a flight for Spirit airlines. Its not that they were loud, it was how much they were enjoying their jobs. With each customer, there was a friendly greeting, freely answering of questions, and the occasional moment of pause that comes with travel. Each time, they worked together to problem solve and kept a positive focus on the tasks at hand.

As all but one had boarded, the last call was made for “passenger x to make their way to the flight as it was ready to leave.” We all looked around and passenger x was nowhere to be found. “Calling passenger x! Your flight is full and ready to leave.” Here he came: out of breath, out of time, and possibly out of hope. And yet, these ladies worked the issue and helped him make his flight without delaying the departure for the others. Wow- nice moment to see given how we have all experienced various versions of that effort.

After the plane pulled away, the shift supervisor called the group together to see how they were feeling and check-in about the last departure. She asked if anyone had concerns, issues, or anything to cover, etc. Upon hearing none, she moved onto telling each colleague what they did well, how they supported the collective effort and thanked them for their work. She then moved into making sure each colleague had an authentic and positive feedback to give to their other colleagues because she recognized the value in being told when folks contribute and do well at their job. Each agreed and went through their list of who had contributed well to the collective effort and noted they would be sharing the same.

I couldn’t help but overhear parts of their conversation and at some point, I tuned out to just be a witness to an amazing team of women who display authentic and positive leadership. Honestly, it was just awesome to be on the edge of their space. So much so that I felt like an interloper and left to get something to drink and yet when I returned, they had left the area.

As I returned to my book, one of the ladies came back for something she left behind and I shared with her how impressed I was to see their positive attitudes and care for each other as colleagues. She smiled and said thank you but noted its easy to be positive when you love your job and the people you work with. So true….so true. (I know how she feels 😊 )

She asked if I was traveling on Spirit and I replied that I was not but that after watching her group, I would consider it. She enthusiastically listed their various designations, best times to travel, and said “give us a try!” Well, considering what I experienced today, you have gotten my attention Spirit and I am impressed.

Thank you to KJ, Mia, Monica, and Kamari!

Shana Garrett is a Counselor, Educator, and Pure Heart Leader President and CEO. She brings over thirty years of program development, management, and transformation to the diverse world of proprietary education as well as over eight years of experience as a paralegal. More about me »

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