Instead of a new you for the New Year; just embrace a little change.

It’s those first weeks of January where we take stock of all our efforts in the closing year and make promises for greater and grander in the new, coming year. With our list of new resolutions, we promise to be more attentive, engaged, happier, stronger, and all with a vision and passion brimming with cheer!

We put to rest our previous year of challenges, missed opportunities, and goals disremembered because, well, quite honestly, we could pick from a long list of reasons as to why the magic didn’t happen. Either you didn’t do something, they didn’t do something, the habit fairy didn’t show up, too much work involved, you didn’t have the right situation or opportunities, a run of bad luck, etc. The list is extreme and immeasurable, but it exists.

From that list, and remembrance of 2018, we create our new list, goals, and dreams. With each resolution, we have a reason, an explanation, and maybe some experience (or pain) represents the catalyst for change. Maybe it’s a new dream, or an old dream, that seems to have more presence in your mind and heart as of late. Maybe it’s a work-related goal. Maybe it is a self-seeking aspiration that has motivated you to put idea- to thought- to pen- to a plan.

Regardless of the journey, you are now sitting on the precipice of inviting change into your world knowingly, and willingly. But we face a challenge in making our new goals a reality.

While change is something we desire, one some level we fear change, and struggle with at any given moment in time. For many of us, change is a welcome aspect of life and makes us appreciate the differing experience. Others detest the very sense of the word and everything associated with it. For some, we like change, as long as we can control change, which somehow contradicts itself. For many, we like change as long as its change we want, like, and manage. Some prefer to not embrace change that requires too much out of our comfort zone or change that challenges our beliefs and values. And on some level, we all fear change because its very nature challenges who we are on some level, to some degree, with some variance of powerlessness. Change can be complicated.

So, as you conclude your year in review, and look towards hitting the ground running in 2019, please don’t overload yourself and senses with needing to overhaul, transform, and revolutionize all aspects of your life. It’s simply not realistic, feasible, or healthy. Instead, focus on something a bit more manageable. We have the ability, foresight, and wisdom to make changes in our lives every single moment, of every single day, for each day of the week, month, and years. How well we address and function with change depends upon how strongly we believe in the outcome of the desired change and the level of intention and effort we are willing to give to make the shift to create a new standard.

Having this mindful approach helps to support the change you are desirous to make in your life. All of this to say, New Year’s Resolution’s should not be some magical moment in the year when we look to make improvements, changes, or shift directions in our lives. We have that ability and power to make it happen every single moment of our lives as long we remain authentic to being our best self, stay mindful and present, and most importantly, compassionate towards ourselves as we grow and learn. Looking forward to an amazing year! Best- Shana

Shana Garrett is a Counselor, Educator, and Pure Heart Leader President and CEO. She brings over thirty years of program development, management, and transformation to the diverse world of proprietary education as well as over eight years of experience as a paralegal. More about me »

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