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Funny how the new year brings about a reflective component of discovery. Whether its new goals, new interests, or new dreams, it sometimes overshadows the importance value of  self-discovery. If your New Year goals are not the primary motivator for looking inward, it’s still a good time to take a pause, give cause and consider all that comprises of “you.” Whatever the case or reason for the introspection, it’s still a bit challenging to make the time and space to really consider who you are as an individual and how you desire to fill your time and days with meaningful life experiences.

While easy to say the words that identify with the process of self-discovery (“I am going to do some soul searching on why I *insert topic here* “or “it’s my year to make *magically thing* happen!”). I think we can all agree that by the later part of January, we lose some steam in pursing the dreams due to the cold splash of reality that is adult responsibilities, job duties, and life challenges.

Maybe your core values and beliefs are predetermined by life influence such as family, heritage, and or primary culture as the biggest influences in your life so far. Perhaps life experiences have shaped your opinions and perspectives to confirm to those philosophies and you have spent your life building upon that foundation. Or, conversely, maybe these life experiences and outside influences have shifted your interests in other directions and those avenues are proving to be more satisfactory.  Regardless of reason, the real effort here is in deciding what beliefs and perspectives work best for you and for your desired life experiences.  

With all that is swirling around, how do we really connect with that innermost presence in order to discover our likes, dislikes, and undiscovered dreams? Is it really as simple as sitting in a quiet space and just having uninterrupted time focused on feelings, thoughts, and contemplation? Perhaps. Is it really as simple as crafting a list of pros/cons/ and what ifs? Could be. Is there value is jumping to online quizzes and articles highlighting the quick and easy way to discover your best self!

Truth is, you are your best judge of character when it comes to your aspirations, interests, and talents. How you go about making the time and space to sit with those thoughts should reflect upon your sense of comfort and wellbeing. We often hear about the importance of self-care, self-determination, and self-motivation and the core component in all of those concepts is self. So, it makes perfect sense to make and take time and energy to devote to…. let’s all say it together: SELF!

While many are scrambling these first few weeks of the new year, looking to make radical changes and set goals that may not align with their authentic self, dare to be true to you and spend time dedicated to those interests and dreams that give you fulfillment, happiness, and joy. Create goals for your professional life, your personal life, as well as your future self.

With all that being said, create the time and space and go for it! Grab everything you need to make well informed decisions and plans for your next year. Maybe take some time to get into the mood for inspiration: music, nature; or a quiet space where no one can interrupt your greatness work. And during your contemplative time, consider what to leave behind in 2020 that no longer serves you well and balance that with bringing forward those great experiences into 2021. Maybe even consider to add a few adventures along your way such as new interests, activities that bring you joy, and anything that aligns with topics and interests that you are passionate about in your life. 

Goals can be living creations that we use to create intentional and meaningful life experiences and they require your true self, honest energy, and always with a pure heart! Wishing you the very best in 2021!

Shana Garrett is a Counselor, Educator, and Pure Heart Leader President and CEO. She brings over thirty years of program development, management, and transformation to the diverse world of proprietary education as well as over eight years of experience as a paralegal. More about me »


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