Dr. Shana Garrett

Educator - Speaker - Counselor

Higher Education

With over 20+ years of working within higher education, Dr. Garrett is dedicated to the comprehensive education experience. Shana is an advocate for education, personal and professional growth, as well as discovering one’s authentic self through the challenges that academic pursuits can provide to one’s life. Her passion for education is not limited to the interactions with faculty and students but also her investment in the human capital that resides in the education experience.

Shana holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from Saybrook University, a Master’s in Business Administration from Walden University, a Master’s in Psychology from Pepperdine University, and several other notable educational accomplishments. She is currently the Dean of the College of Psychology and Community Services at Walden University.

She also serves as an Executive Board Member for the United States Distance Learning Association and a Board Member of the Libraries for the City of Carrollton, Texas.


Dr. Garrett is recognized as an organizational leader and mentor to new talent, those needing change, and in elevating the talents of others. Seeing the need and desire for a different approach to leading people and teams, Shana developed a management approach known as Pure Heart Leadership, which culminates psychology concepts, real-world experiences, and a common-sense approach to working with others and leading teams.

She believes we all have a journey to explore, stories to create, and the wisdom to share with each other about the experiences. She speaks often for educational and leadership development conferences, keynote and facilitator for faculty development & training events, and various university events such as commencement. Shana is a sought-after mentor within her organization, the author of Pure Heart Thoughts and Pure Heart Leadership, and various articles and blogs focused on professional well-being and work-life balance.


Shana believes our holistic well-being is essential to living an authentic and fulfilling life. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Shana brings a wealth of experience ranging from being a cancer survivor to a family and relationship expert, culminating in understanding the importance of creating deep rivers of trust, respect, and kindness that run through all our connections. So many emotions and life experiences are the catalysts for creating change and crafting an authentic and well-balanced life. Sometimes, we just need someone to assist us on the discovery journey.

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